Monday, 21 November 2011

Red Rili

Red Rilis were a result of consistently breeding Cherry Shrimps. The more sought after Red Rilis were a result from TFR/PFR where the red capped head and red dipped tail are solid red instead of a mottled red cherry color. When they were first introduced the prices were outrageous and has since dropped dramatically and can be purchased at a price near the TFR/PFR. The eggs of the Red Rilis' are also highly variable ranging from a faded yellow to a puke green.

Red Rilis gathering to feast. Picture taken with flash.
Red Rilis just hanging out and grazing. Picture also taken with flash.
Picture of the different egg colors or the Red Rili.


  1. Yay 3rd member. Is this a push in the direction of me buying $1000 cherries then?!

  2. LOL hey Tarobot no ones stopping ya =P