Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Blue Rili

As Red Rili's were bred a new coloration had arise from this strain of cherry shrimp. The much sought after color blue. At first the blue pigmentation can be seen replacing the clear area of the red rili.

Blue Rili with the initial blue coming out ontop of the clear sections of the Red Rili.
As the breeding continued in search of a full blue rili where there would be a blue cap then chear then blue again. A different kind of a full Blue Rili emerged where the entire shrimp was blue instead.When I first showed some of my friends they thought it looked much like a blue pearl but the blue was much more crisp clean and evident whereas alot of blue pearl. 1 distinct thing that can be seen different from blue pearl is when their saddles come out. Blue Rili saddles are usually ligh greenish tint colored whereas blue pearls are brown/ greyish.
Blue Rili with no head cap nor tail dipped colors.
To date and as far as my knowledge goes. Below is what is claimed to be a full Blue Rili. At the time, I was told that there were only 10 of these in the world making me the lucky owner of the 11th =) This full blue rili is quite a beauty with a blue cap and a blue dipped tail and a light blue body.

Rare full Blue Rili.


  1. Very nice looking Full Blue Rilli Frank :)

  2. More Post Frank. I want to know more information about 1 shrimp per DAY!

  3. learn to google joe!