Monday, 25 June 2012

Another busy week.....

Shipped a few packages of shrimp and also Aqua Inspirations shipment of driftwood has left Ebiken Studio.

All wrapped up and ready to go!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Addition of a new poster on Ebi-ken

We at Ebi-ken have decided we will also have one of oldest and best customers, now partners and considered an associate of Ebi-ken be allowed to have his own section as he documents his continuation of breeding his own lineage of extremely high quality shrimps, MananaP (Stephan). MananaP is fairly well known in International based shrimp forum such as shrimpnow and has shared his experience and help with many other breeders. As we move onto the revamping of Ebi-ken studio, he will be posting updates in his expansion of his breeding room and the projects that he works on.


I've been fairly busy lately with many many shipments going out. Here is pictures of a few that had gone out just last week.


Exporting from Air Canada =)

My box order didn't come in yet so I had to borrow boxes from Patrick Tamkee of Canadian Aquatics =/

All labelled and ready to go!

A little messy =/

Really messy.... that's because theres 500 pieces of almond leaves underneath lol...

Once again! at Air Canada,(heavy) boxes compliments of Patrick Tamkee!

Busy Busy Busy.......

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Ebiken's pro series coming soon....

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come. The pro series has quite a few changes to each tool which is aimed to optimize the use of the tool, comfortableness / ease of use of the tool, durability (material used) of the tool, and of course a much more overall elegant look. Of course, with all this luxury comes a price, however, its a price well worth it.

Below are some spy pictures =P .These tools are still in prototype stage and are still not the finished product.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Ebiken Tweezer, green line

Ebiken recognizes that many aquarium hobbyist and scapers do a lot of intricate and detailed work for their scapes. Like most people, our fingers, as perfect as they are, are a little stubby and sometimes don't do well in tight spaces. With the help of tweezers as an extension of our fingers in the world of aquarium planting, we can plant roots deeper without disturbing the surrounding plants and substrate. Allowing us to also plant in tight spaces to give our scape the best possible look in our eyes.

ebiken Studio green line tweezer
Types available: straight, curved
Lengths available: 12"

Photo of the two types of tips available.
Image of the engraving on the tweezers.
Image of the bent tweezer and straight tweezer tips.

Ebiken Wave Scissor, green line

Another scissor which we at ebiken find as a must have for iwagumi style planted tanks and scapes with a lawn of foreground plant of some sort would have to be the wave scissor. The length of the scissor and the double curve of the scissor allows the hobbyist or scaper to watch from the front while you trim and allows you to do a level trimming.

ebiken Studio green line wave scissor
Types available: wave
Lengths available: 12"

ebiken Studio laser etched wave scissor.
Picture showing the beautiful curves of the wave scissor.
A shot of the "wave"

Ebiken Spring Scissor, green line

Ebiken's planted aquarium tool is made of high quality stainless steel. To provide hobbyist with an easy and non finger tardy way of maintaining their beautiful planted tanks, we are bringing to you our very own spring scissor line. The spring scissors allows precise and easy cutting with sharp stainless steel blades.

ebiken Studio green line spring scissor
Types available: straight / curved
Lengths available: 4.5" / 6" / 8" / 10"

Curved tip
4.5" and 6" curved tip being shown
Straight tip
4.5" and 6" straight tip being shown

Part of Ebiken's tool line is now available!

Ebiken has ventured into providing hobbyist quality planted aquarium tools. We will have 2 lines.... The first part of the line is currently available and can be purchased by contacting me at the following e-mail: ebikenwholesaling [at] gmail [dot] com. Our second line will be launched once our design team has finished with the overall design of the products packing.