Sunday, 20 November 2011

Painted Fire Red

PFR (Painted Fire Red) are Neocaridina heteropoda, basically the same as the well known and easily accessible Red Cherry Shrimp. The only difference that sets these 2 apart is the coverage, the color and the thickness of the shell. These can be obtained by selective breeding however, if put into a tank which isn't comfortable to them they would lose the shiny sheen coating and be considered by some as the one grade below TFR (Taiwan Fire Red). Both of which are more or less fully covered in red. The only conditions whether a shrimp is classified as to being "painted" or not is merely that the body of the shrimp must be covered in full red and that it has a thick shiny coating to it as if someone were to paint a wall with latex paint. The legs however not always the case but is highly sought after. Below are some pictures of my PFR.
Still considered PFR but without the shiny sheen would be considered TFR.

Painted Fire Red with full red with shiny sheen.
Picture of Painted Fire Red taken with no flash.
Picture of Painted Fire Red taken with flash.

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