Friday, 17 February 2012

Nicole Le of Shrimplab USA and Ebiken Wholesaling... the behind the scenes truth.

In another forum, I've already posted a summary of what has happened. There has been many MANY other things which has happened over the past year but just this past few months is an incredible amount of problems which has arisen. Here are some that has just come across my mind. I'm hoping this will convince you enough that Nicole isn't the same Nicole you first knew when Shrimplab USA first started. And the sooner you take action on your order/ case. The better. Filing a police report is one of the best things you can do right now.

1) A few weeks after her december 30th shipment had arrived. She had a customer that had ordered 200 golden bees. I shipped out 4 bags of 50 each with 5% extra in each bag. She disappeared for awhile and re-appeared and claimed that she only received 100 golden bees. Never have I made a mistake before in my orders because I triple check all orders before shipping out. Then she fabricates a little story and says she called fish and wildlife / customs and was told that the 2 bags were confiscated and destroyed because there was "plant matter".

First of all, there was no plant matter as I use netting for all my bags and they are packed in another tank of water which matches the tanks to guarantee they have fresh clean water.
Secondly, if it was confiscated, there would be paperwork indicating that there was a problem and the entire shipment would have been withheld.
Thirdly I called Fish and wildlife and they said there was no such case nor did anyone call about it and if there was a problem the shipment would have be withheld and there was no way no paperwork indicating such an issue had occurred to go along with the airwaybill and release forms.

2) Nicole was going to make a BKK order from me just a few weeks after the December 30th shipment. Yet she knew I wasn't going to send her anything until the invoice was paid off. The way I've set up the order list on google docs is I'm able to see who has ordered what to indicate to myself how much extras I should include whether it be 3%-8%. I contacted the person who was ordering the BKK's and found out she fabricated another lie saying that I told her I needed payment for the BKK order before I shipped out the shrimps. Total Lie. She was intending to get the payment to cover for the unpaid invoice. The December shipment she should have an estimated gross profit of over 6500 USD. This is after expenses. It was my mistake not to ask her for payment before I shipped as I'm pretty sure she used it for new years celebration.

3) Her acceptance of payments before items are shipped and her lack of communication with consumers has led to Kyle on TPT thinking how Nikki deals with things is the same with how I deal with things. I've shown kyle with the permission of Nicole the entire book keeping of Nicoles past history of payment status. Even then Kyle gave me a hard time and one of the mods had done something which I've print screened and caught and had proof to show Kyle that him and that particular mod was purposely giving a negative public perception of me when I didn't do anything wrong at all and refrained from rebuttals and reported the post. I had to fight for my own right the Nicole had caused while all she did was hide in the back and clean up the mess she had entangled me in. Her exact words were she was ashamed at what was happening so she was hiding.

4)  She sent false payments through paypal with an unverified paypal account and back charged it with the credit card that was linked and totally disappeared with all her accounts inactive and phone numbers other than her gmail account.

5) A week before she finally disappeared for good she made up another neat little story. I'm hoping after you hear this you guys will finally understand why I'm sure the orders will not be fulfilled. She said she did a major water change and the next day 90% of the shrimps were dead. Then she said only thing she used was Amquel plus. She claims she called Kordon and that there was a few batches of Amquel plus which was defective and that they would reimburse her for her loss. I asked her for the pictures shes using to prove to Kordon that they died. The pics I was shown showed a max of 30 shrimps. And most were blue pearls which was her own personal shrimps. I noticed as well in the background it was the same tank that she posted on TPT the next day after she got her shipment of a tank full of crystals. It was empty. My first thoughts are she sold it cheap to a fish store and took the money from others and ran away with it. But this is only an assumption. But I'm sure that the tank was empty.