Sunday, 13 November 2011

The rebuilding and the making of EbiKen....

I've been talking to a bunch of my friends and we all agreed that we should start a larger shrimp club in North America as the interests and hobbyist into shrimp is expanding. So to decide on location we needed to choose a more centralized location which allows easy access to the highway as well (for a quick get-a-way no no....) so that people from further away i.e. Surrey, Langley, Whiterock and such don't need to spend much time in slow traffic to get on the highway and back home. So in the end, we decided to host the location at one of my smaller shipping sites as it only takes less than 1 minute to get onto knight st. and you can get into Richmond in a matter of minutes and you don't have the downtown traffic. I've already finished modifying my rack to allow easier viewing and optimal space for meets but I will repost over the course of this week on how the building of the rack had progressed.

Before picture of shipping location for orders 3 boxes or less (60 bags of shrimp)

The Rebuilding..... plans
A top view sketch of the proposed new rack system.

A 1/5th finished 3D model of what the rack is going to look like but never finished =P

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