Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ebiken's New Revamped Content Placement, coming soon.....

We at Ebiken have expanded to also have our own line of aquarium tools, novelty items, and of course our Ebiken shrimp product line. We will also be able to have drop shipped from asia and shipped via DHL with our incredibly competitive rate of over 70% off as a supplement to being partners with our company. Some items will include sponge filters, CO2 equipment, glassware, and even Starphire Glass tanks of any custom size with ADA style silicone finish and overall excellent craftsmanship from our contracted tank production facility. Basically anything you can name, we will more than lively have access to. Over the next few weeks we will not necessarily change the layout of our blog but rather the way we place our content. We will have several pricelists which can be linked and accessible at all times on the right column of our blog. However, wholesale pricing, depending on which tier you fall into will only be available to those with passwords. Passwords will only be handed to those who qualify in those tier rankings and will be evaluated on a case by case basis to see which pricelist will suit you best. All inquiries are to be forwarded to ebikenwholesaling @ gmail [dot] com.

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