Tuesday, 8 May 2012

EbiKen Wholesaling Now Offers Driftwood

We at Ebiken in our never ending quest to bring customers and clients more variety will be adding new products that will be available through Ebiken and Ebiken distributors. We will be introducing a new line of aquarium tools in about 1 months time after our testing phase to see whether it qualifies to become part of the Ebiken line. We have also started expanding in offering more variety of items to allow customers to create a natural yet scenaric landscape of their tank for our little inverts to live and thrive in. Below is a picture of our latest shipment of manzanita driftwood that can sink once soaked in water for as little as a few hours to as long as a few day depending on size of the wood.

For all wholesale inquiries, please e-mail me at ebikenwholesaling @ gmail [dot] com


  1. Nice Wood,
    I'd like to use some:D
    Kind Regards

    1. =) whereabouts are you located?