Sunday, 8 January 2012


I've been getting complaints from distributors in the States that have had their company linked to The Shrimp Lab. Ebi-ken Studio and Ebiken Wholesaling is a company that recently had their name changed and registered in Canada. The previous company name it was under was Jiang Exports and Frank Jiang. The company name switch was effective as of November-22-2011. The Shrimp Labs owner is Nicole Le of California. Shrimplab's product line was developed by Jiang Exports (Frank Jiang). Shrimps are part of Ebiken Wholesaling sector of the company and NOT shrimplab. Shrimplab gets most of their stock FROM Ebiken Wholesaling but not all. So to wrap things up. Shrimplab isn't a supplier of shrimps Ebiken Wholesaling is the company that supplies shrimps. Prices to which distributors / retailers wish to sell at is up to them. One last thing is Shrimplab product line and Ebiken product line are 2 different lines none of the products are the same in composition.

Frank Jiang
President of Ebiken Wholesaling and Ebi-ken Studio

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