Friday, 12 October 2012

What's up?.....

I'm very happy with the new system for the shipping facility at Ebiken Studio. It has been much easier to complete orders and netting out shrimps has been a walk in the park. The only thing I need to do is when I have some free time I need to make more nets so that I can have 1 for every tank.

To recap on the last week of shipments made......

Most airport to airport shipment will now use a box with reflective insulation for an even more effective temperature control
staggered packing :)
a lil blurred...
Sectioned off packing to prevent tools from moving and poking holes at livestock.
A TB in every bag =)
To Quebec =D
Dry goods ontop to prevent it from poking livestock =)
40 shrimps in that lil space? All arrived alive though =)
Sometimes it takes a stoplight for you to realize its good to take breaks from work.
Took another break after shipping through Air Canada facing YVR airport
And once again back to work! =(
Super Princess bee
YUM! =) new pattern has finally appeared!

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