Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Renovation of Ebiken Studio part 2

An update on the slow progress today:

the overall framework is finally complete, quite happy what I achieved myself in such little time.

And this is just to see how nice a 20 gallon will fit in 1 of the slots =) plenty of arm space ontop

And the amount of cuts I have left to finish the supporting center beams between each supporting structure. Glad I at least pre-drilled all the holes.


  1. Hi Frank, what kind of lighting are you going to use? DIY T8 or T5?

  2. nope I will use t5HO temporarily as I have it but I have already ordered a custom lighting setup with each tank having 2 bars of light a 10,000K and 6,700K. Its an LED system and these LED's we are using for this system is new that has come out from samsung and emit a brighter white than that of the 5050 SMD LED. These are made of 5630 SMD LED and each will have its own heat sink as well even though not required.